All the figures from Messi’s latest contract


According to what ‘Football Leaks’ reveal, if all the bonuses are paid, the Argentinian could gross as much as €122 million per season until 2021

In the latest deal Leo Messi has signed, his pay has gone up substantially, making him the best-paid player in the world. The documents leaked out by ‘Football Leaks’, and published by ‘Mediapart’, reveal how the €104 million gross earnings he makes in a year are broken down.

Messi earns €71 million per annum, with the 15% of image rights included. As well as that, he will be paid a bonus of €63.5 million for renewing and another one for loyalty, €70 million gross, which he will get if he does not leave Barcelona before his contract is up in 2021. These bonuses are spread over four years, meaning each year he gets 71 + 15.8 + 17.5 million, which adds up to €104.3 million gross for each year up to 2021.

To this figure, the bonuses must then be added: if he plays 60% of all games, he will get €1.9 million; if Barça win the Champions League, he will earn a further 12 million. Bearing in mind that both conditions could be met, especially the first, Messi may earn as much as €120 million.