Busquets reaches the ‘ton’ with Spain


After the game against Israel, there will be another member of the Spain 100 clubSergio Busquets, who did not appear against Albania in Alicante because he was suspended, will earn his one hundredth cap in Jerusalem.

There was a time in Spain when getting to the milestone of 100 caps for the national team seemed to be one of those was unreachable dreams, compared to the players who had managed it with other countries. When Andoni Zubizarreta reached his cap number 100, in an Armenia-Spain clash on April 26th 1995, it seemed that nobody else would get there, less still that anyone would go further. The latest to arrive at the round number is Sergio Busquets, who made his debut in Turkey on April 1st 2009. Busquets has only taken eight years to reach the magic figure and along the way has managed to win a World Cup and a Euro tournament. In that time, he has also set himself up as one of the bulwarks of the Spain team, a quiet leader that every player wants to have in their team.

Spain now have twelve players who have reached or passed the 100-cap mark. Two goalkeepers, Zubizarreta, with 126 appearances, and Casillas, with 167. As well as playing one half of a game with each goalkeeper, it would be possible to form a defensive line of three made up of Ramos, who is on 147, on the right, Busquets, on 100 in the middle, and Puyol, another winner of 100 caps, on the left. A midfield made up of Xavi, with 133 appearances, and Xabi Alonso, 114, flanked by Iniesta, on 122, and Cesc, 110. The attacking line would be made up of Silva, 116 times an international, on the right, Raúl, ‘only’ 102 on the left, and Fernando Torres as centre-forward, having represented Spain 110 times.

The next ones to join this illustrious club, injuries and other setbacks permitting, in the national team’s shirt, will be David Villa, who is just two short, on 98, and Gerard Piqué who is on 92 right now.