In accordance with the Royal Decree-Law 13/2012 regarding Article 22.2 of the Ley de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y Comercio Electrónico (Law on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce), this web page gathers browser cookies – small files which store a series of characters that are sent to the browser from a web site’s server -, First-party and Third-party cookies, for the purpose of gathering users’ entry or identification data; reproducing or loading of forms and/or content plugins; advertising, statistics and others.

The purpose of the policy presented herein is to inform users of the different cookies that LA ESTRATEGIA DE CHAPMAN collects via the different media or communication channels, either First-party or Third-party, exempt or not from the duty to inform and the different media via which they may clear, enable or block them. In any case, the publisher informs you that the clearing, blocking or disabling of the cookies may negatively affect their browsing of the contents published on the web page.

The information that the LA ESTRATEGIA DE CHAPMAN gathers from the cookies is of two types:

– Cookies that are strictly necessary in order to provide a service or contents requested by the registered user. The purpose of these is to record the identification of registrations; the tool preferences in the use of contents; interaction with those contents; the localization of access to contents. Cookies of this type may have a determined duration: imminent expiry; expiry on ending the session; temporary expiry. Below there is an information table regarding cookies of this type.

– Cookies that are not strictly necessary for the provision of services, such as, for example, third-party advertising; information regarding results; browsing habits; performance enhancements. Cookies of this type are used to obtain information for the following purposes: the management of advertising space; gathering knowledge of browsing habits – “behavioral advertising” -; analyzing and measuring of results. In the same way as the above, these cookies may have variable expiry: imminent, daily or a longer time frame. Below is an information table concerning this type of cookies and third-party information on the same.


Google Analytics __utma




Gathers information anonymously on how users browse the web site with the purpose of generating statistical date. – Google Privacy Policy

– Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on

SmartAdServer dyncdn











Gathers information anonymously to control contents shown. SmartAdServer privacy policy.

Should you not wish to give your consent to said information being handled, you may opt to change your browser’s configuration. To this end, we have inserted links leading to further information on the configuration of Internet browsers or search engines regarding cookie settings.


In the same way, via the different media and communication channels which are the property of the publisher, you may access services provided by third parties, especially those social networks in which said third parties use your identification data to share different contents. Via this web page, you may access social networking platforms such as Twitter; Linkedin; Google+; Pinterest; Instagram and Facebook, by inserting the link in order to obtain information regarding these.

LA ESTRATEGIA DE CHAPMAN will inform you of privacy policies and the gathering of cookies when downloading and installing apps.

LA ESTRATEGIA DE CHAPMAN accepts no liability for the uses made of cookies on the part of third parties outside of the services offered by the channels and media of which the company is the proprietor, for which reason we suggest you access the information links we insert in the content provided here and the information provided by those third parties accessed via this web page.

In order to clear up any doubts or make any suggestions regarding cookies, please contact us by email at redacció[email protected]. The information provided may be subject to modifications owing to updates or changes in the cookie policy. Furthermore, the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (Spanish Data Protection Agency) may hand down instructions and/or recommendations that could lead to variations in the same.