Gabriel Paulista: “Luis Suárez said I was a ‘chickenshit wimp’”


Brazilian centre-back also criticised referee: “we’ve played against the referee and against Barcelona”

Gabriel Paulista and Luis Suárez had more than one set-to during the Barcelona-Valencia clash and, although the Uruguayan had no comment to make regarding the scuffles they engaged in, the Brazilian did not bite his tongue after the cup tie.

In the mixed zone, the Valencia centre-back told reporters about the insults he had been on the receiving end of from the Blaugrana forward: “He said I was a ‘chickenshit, a wimp’, and I told him he was the best striker in the world. These are just things that happen on the playing field”, he said, and did not go any further into the matter. He did, though, have a few choice words for the match official, Sánchez Martínez: “We’ve played against the referee, and against Barcelona”, and added “Sergi Roberto’s challenge was worth a red card, but we’re at the Camp Nou, it’s not likely [to happen].”

Paulista also accepted he was partly to blame for the goal that Suárez scored, which ultimately determined the result, as he felt that “one chance they had, I don’t know if it was because of a defensive error, but they scored.” In general terms, though, he was satisfied with his side’s performance: “we played well defensively. Now we have to look at what we did well and not so well to improve for the next game.”