Iniesta: “I don’t think being 33 means I can’t play a lot of games”


Andrés Iniesta gave a long interview to Catalunya Radio, reported in Marca, in which he spoke of his recently-signed lifelong contract renewal with Barça and shed some light on his current situation and how he feels in the team right now, as well as when he is thinking of retiring.

His weight in Valverde’s Barça

“As far as I can see, if you train well and are fit, you can play. There is nothing says you can’t. I don’t think being 33 means I can’t play a lot of games. I’m aware that it is not the same as being 28, but the important thing is being fit to play. It’s no use being 27 if you’ve got aches and pains. A few months ago it seemed I was finished, now I’m enjoying a second youth. It’s not one thing or the other.”

The current moment

“Obviously I’m not the same player. Now I play just in the same position, whereas before I would change to other positions where I was required to go past players more than I do now. It is impossible to play for Barça until the age of 39”, he said, when asked about Pirlo retiring at the end of this year, precisely at that age.

His replacement when he retires

“That’s a difficult one. Not because it’s me, but because every player is different. There are no two players who are the same. The important thing is that players who have the same profile as ours get the backing they need. It’s difficult for all of them, starting out. We’ll all go in the end and Barça have to keep on competing. The ones who come in have to be as good as the ones they are replacing.”