Piqué says Espanyol are “uprooted, their owner is Chinese”


Barça centre-back sends another barbed message to city rivals

Gerard Piqué continues to send messages to the RCD Espanyol fans, and insists on using the epithet “from Cornellà” after mentioning their name.

“They are from Cornellà. It’s not disrespectful to say that, but it’s saying the truth. They are ever more uprooted from Barcelona. Their owner is Chinese, as are all of their board members”, said the centre-back after the game finished in a 1-1 draw, thanks to his late equaliser. )

Piqué celebrated the goal by shushing the fans and for a moment he not only raised his index finger to his lips, but also his little finger, which angered the Espanyol fans even more. In Spain, raising those two fingers is making the ‘sign of the horns’, implying the person to whom the gesture is made has been cuckolded. Piqué denies that he was doing that. “There were no horns, I was just telling them to be quiet. What is disrespectful is that they report me to the Anti-violence Committee for saying they are from Cornellà, when that is obviously true, but nobody reports them for insulting my family.”