Ramos: “In Barcelona I’m sure they’re saying I should be in jail with Puigdemont”


The Blanco captain defended Zidane’s decision to use Kovacic to man-mark Messi instead of playing Isco

Sergio Ramos risked a red card when he elbowed Luis Suárez, but the referee let him off with a yellow. The Blanco captain explained the incident after them game, and played down its importance.

“In Barcelona I’m sure they’re saying I should be in jail with Puigdemont“, he said, referring to the former President of the Generalitat de Cataluña, the Catalan Government, who fled from Spanish justice and is currently at arm’s length in Belgium. “I had no intention of hitting Luis Suárez”, he affirmed.

He also does not see losing against Barcelona today as a failure, and told those who think it is to “look at 2017 and review the stats.” He defended Zidane’s tactics, which have been much criticised, and refused to blame anyone. “With Isco you don’t take out Messi, but with Mateo, you do. Kovacic put in an impeccable performance and there’s nobody you can point the finger at”, said Ramos. “Today’s Clásico could have been the icing on the cake, but in the end it wasn’t to be. You go home screwed over two times, both because of the result and the 14 points”, he lamented. Even still, he does not consider the war to be lost, yet. “La Liga is not impossible still, we have the obligation to keep on fighting. This is a moment to reflect and to carry on working hard”, he concluded.