Real Madrid tried to sign Messi for €250 million


Barcelona star’s former lawyer reveals how Blancos tried to tempt him in 2013

Real Madrid tempted Leo Messi to join them in 2013. That, at least, is what ‘Der Spiegel’ reveals, in the framework of a new story filtered by ‘Football Leaks’, which tells of the offer conveyed by the Messi family lawyer, Iñigo Juárez, to the footballer’s father.

The solicitor says that Real Madrid were prepared to pay the €250-million release clause that the Argentinian had then, as well as paying Messi a net salary of €23 million a year for a contract until 2021, plus a million to his father.

A signature on a plane

The German newspaper also talks about how the attempt was made. The Blancos had a plan figured out that was worthy of a fim. They planned to set up a meeting in mid air, on a private plane, between Leo Messi, his lawyer, Florentino Pérez, the sporting director of the club at the time, Miguel Pardeza, and another lawyer representing Real Madrid. According to Juárez, one of the arguments the Real Madrid chairman had in his favour was that he could put pressure on Mariano Rajoy, the president of the government, regarding the tax fraud case the footballer had open at the time.

The meeting, in the end, never took place. Messi stayed on at Barcelona and that summer, Real Madrid ended up signing Gareth Bale.