Ribery: “They stole the 2013 Ballon d’Or off me”


Bayern winger lashes out at FIFA and French for not giving him the 2013 award after winning treble with Bavarians

The Bayern Munich player, Frank Ribery, has given an interview to Canal Football Club in which he throws harsh criticism at FIFA for the 2013 Ballon d’Or award, which that year went to Cristiano Ronaldo. The French player was shortlisted, along with Ronaldo and Leo Messi, while Bayern Munich won the treble that season, with Jupp Heynckes at the helm, and the Portuguese star and his team only made it into the 2014 Brazil World Cup via the play-offs, and the voting for the award was prolonged.

“They stole my Ballon d’Or. It’s incomprehensible. I won every trophy possible, I couldn’t have done more. It was an injustice…  I didn’t have my country behind me. I saw with my own eyes how the French said it should be Cristiano Ronaldo who won. Did the Portuguese want it to be Messi or me? Of course not”, concluded Ribery.