Ronaldo wants to use Pepe and Benzema cases to show tax authorities treating him unfairly


El Mundo newspaper reports he has asked the magistrate investigating him to look at those players’ inspections on order to prove he is being treated differently

According to El Mundo newspaper, a new chapter in Cristiano Ronaldo’s dispute with the Spanish tax authorities is opening. Pepe and Karim Benzema’s previous problems with the agency might be dragged in, in an attempt to show that he is not being treated in the same way that they were and that a different yardstick is being applied when it comes to his tax payments.

“Cristiano Ronaldo has asked the magistrate who is investigating him for four fiscal crimes for the tax inspections to which Karim Benzema and Pepe (his team-mate at Real Madrid until last summer) were subjected. By doing this, the Portuguese striker is trying to demonstrate that the tax authorities, or Inland Revenue, have established a new interpretation in order to attribute a €14.7 million tax fraud to him, and consider as a criminal case what in other cases, in his opinion, was dealt with as an administrative matter and was settled with the mandatory supplementary declaration”, reads the report published in El Mundo today.