Sergio Ramos: “We have to take a good look at ourselves”


Blanco captain admits he is worried about the direction the team are going in, with the Champions League being the only thing left to fight for

Sergio Ramos, the Real Madrid captain, had to face the reporters in the mixed zone at the Ciutat de València stadium after the Blancos‘ umpteenth draw of the season and had no choice but to cling on to the only hope he has left this season, the Champions League.

“It’s true that there are spells of play when it looks like we are totally on top, and then they score against us. We have to take a good look at ourselves ahead of the Champions League fixture… We’re all pissed off about this, from the first man to the last. You’ve got to manage time better, you can’t be letting teams equalise just five minutes from time. You have to make your experience count, waste time, run down the clock, things that are part of football… We must have done something quite badly this season, it’s not normal to be this far behind Barcelona. We have to keep the group together, be united to do something in the Champions League… Any mistake you make you can get punished for. With their first chance there they are, right in front of Keylor Navas. We have to commit the fewest mistakes possible in games!” said Ramos.