Tebas says LaLiga to report Piqué to Competitions Committee


Javier Tebas accuses Blaugrana centre-back of provocation and tells him to celebrate goals in a more acceptable way, as well as saying there had been no insults prior to the incident

Javier Tebas, President of LaLiga, has said that Piqué’s gesture to the Espanyol fans, in which he raised his finger to his lips and told them to be quiet, will be reported to the Competitions Committee. Should the disciplinary body consider the centre-back’s actions to be offensive or provocative, he could face a suspension of between one and three matches.

The president said during an event at Mundo Deportivo newspaper that there had been no insults directed at either the player or his family before his goal celebration. “Piqué should avoid making gestures of that type. Here we have seen the cause-effect that things like that produce. Until he scored, there had been no insults directed at him. It is true that in other matches there had been insults, and I understand that he is bothered by them, but we have to avoid actions that then provoke insults”, explained Tebas.

“Up until the moment when Piqué’s goal went in, there had been no insults aimed at the player’s family. Then he scores the goal and his provocative celebration made people react and come out with insults that are intolerable. It is possible to work on avoiding insults aimed at Piqué. Espanyol’s management have done a good job [in tackling abuse from the crowd] and we have to continue working in that direction”, said Tebas, who also criticised Piqué for the comments he made after the game.

“He made some unfortunate comments a couple of days ago, and this time he was very much in the wrong. I don’t think he’s a xenophobe, but what he said was unfortunate, and also not true. It is lacking in objectivity regarding what a club’s involvement in any football competition is, as it has nothing to do with where their owners may be from”, said Tebas.