Zidane: “Negativity sells more when it comes to Real Madrid”


Madrid boss believes press do not want to show the positive side

Zinedine Zidane defended his team before the press today, when he made his habitual appearance ahead of a match. On Saturday, Real Madrid face Villarreal in Week 19 of LaLiga. “You don’t have to listen to everything that’s being said, although that’s not at all easy in this day and age”, said Zidane. “Everything that’s being said about Real Madrid at the moment is negative. We have to look for the positives that we have: we’re still alive in every competition. We’re not in as bad a place as some people say we are.”

Later, the French coach returned to this line of reasoning after a question about the statements he had made after the 2-2 draw with Numancia, when he said that he was happy with how they had played. “I’m tired of hearing about how badly we’re playing but I can’t change it, because that’s what you guys are there for. I see the positives in my team because it’s very easy to say everything’s wrong but you know it’s not all so negative. Negativity sells when it comes to Real Madrid”, he added.

Something “positive”, precisely, was what Zidane says he took away from the meeting he had with the team on Tuesday. “That’s what meetings are for”, he explained; “now we have to reflect that on the pitch. We’re lacking the continuity we need to get our confidence back, and we can only find that by winning games.”

On the subject of signings, the manager insisted that he does not think it necessary to bring players in now, in the winter market: “My players are very good, and I can’t think of anyone right now who would change that. We’ll look at it in June, not now.”